How Do I Tell You?

It’s that ugly kind of feeling when you’re just too close to it you’ve got nothing worth much to say.


You can tell me and I’ll hear it
dozens of times
Maybe I’m not the only one with bad memory
Lean in and I’ll whisper it to you
but you’re the loudest one in the room

Then, Maybe

Sometimes the reminders are coming
there’s a little room you sit in
wishing for snowfall

She’s been humming a tune
with a miniscule voice
creaking under the floorboards

Your hands under running water
waiting for it to get hot
tapping a toe to that same tune

Tripping the Love Platonic

When it is that you’re reminded
unwavering thoughts under a shaky tongue
that you no longer can feel yourself

Maybe, if you could only talk about it
that memory already misremembered
just a day later

She said it once without context
and you never asked about it


he would describe her as a handsome woman
and his date would sort of smile