winter wear

I told him I was listening,
playing cards a plenty
wanted to talk about me.

There's always some resentment
the red-sweatered peacock.

the parts i remember

I had a dream and you were in it
the parts I remember, anyway
had a thick tongue all that morning

In a car we were trying to make it
to California
but the problem is it isn’t clear

As soon as I remember I forget
and by the time I have my coffee
the wheels have come off the wagon

Have to have a second cup
to make sure


private show

You were right to take it to the balcony
looked like it’d be something
that little moment
rewind till the tape wears out

More and more and more and more
Is once a year too often?
Measure the days in beards
Had to rub the light show out of my eyes

Waiting for the stage to empty
forget that four hundred people
littered the floor with beer cups
and a plastic flavor besides


The gift of the fetal position
all cozy
shut eyes pretending
the first one to move


Electric Blanket

That humming kept on
even up in the bed of silent
Groggy thoughts whimpering through the wall
three blankets thick
I couldn't stay awake all night